If you sell a product or provide a service, chances are you also have an eye-catching logo, a unique catch phrase, or a combination of both.  If so, you may want to keep others from capitalizing on your phrase or logo (also known as "marks").   Alternatively, it is critical to be certain that no one else was using the mark before you.  There are many variables to consider when advertising your business with a mark. Allow our team to assist you with your next step!


* Unlike patents, you can publicy disclose your logo or phrase.  We encourage that you do!  However, please do not wait too long before you decide to protect your mark and make sure no else is using the mark before you start using it.

* The USPTO filing fees are reduced if you sell a product or provide a service that is listed under these predetermined classifications.  Check here to see if your is listed!

* The USPTO examines every application for compliance with federal law and rules.  The most common reason to refuse registration is a "likelihood of confusion" between the mark of the application and a mark already registered or in a prior-filed pending application owned by another party.  The USPTO determines that the a likelihood of confusion exists when both (1) the marks are similar, and (2) the goods and/or services of the parties are related such that consumers would mistakenly believe they come from the same source.

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