Are you a visual artist, musician, or novelist?  

As you know accessibility to technology has many benefits and detriments to those who have creative charateristics. For example, some benefits include, quick access to information, ease of communication, and distribution.  

Conversely, the detriments include quick access to other's protected information, the speed of miscommunication, and the appropriation of other's intellectual property.

Federal Copyright Law provides the mechanism by which your work can be protected, which begs the quesion: “Do I have any substantive rights to my art work if I did not register my art work with the U.S. Copyright Office?

No – However, there are some exceptions.  You have exactly three (3) months from the date in which you become aware that a person has infringed on your work to register your work with the U.S. Copyright office.  You can only file claim if your work is registered.  You will not, however, receive statutory damages or attorney fees in your claim for damages.  Here is the law as it relates to damages and what you can recover.

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